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Should you respond to bug report emails?

A long standing client of ours received an email recently: “Hey , I┬ájust found a bug in your web and it can cause harm your web and Users so can we report here. then will [...]

Naps improve productivity

If you’re already feeling stressed and overworked, perhaps a nap would help? Could you squeeze your working day into a hyper-productive 4 hour segment? […]

Getting the most out of your team

This week’s Tech Hug is all about getting the most out of your team! It’s almost a spiritual email for me. While it combines project management, team building, and company culture, it also embodies my [...]

A Guide to Agile Project Management

When asked to pick a single term that describes the ‘ideal’ project setup for startups and small businesses (and any shape of business or project really), it would need to be the word ‘agile’. Even [...]

A technical blueprint for your startup – Part 2

When you’re starting a business, it’s all about spending time where it matters most: Finding customers, growing your audience, developing a product that sells. Don’t waste your valuable time by agonising over choice of technology [...]